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For instance, when a date asks about her Medic Alert bracelet, she uses that as an opportunity to speak about her allergies.

“There will be a natural opening in a conversation to bring up your needs in a chill way,” says Miller, who is severely allergic to tree nuts and salmon, and also has allergies to several fruits and vegetables.

The 26-year-old notes that at parties or at bars, if he was flirting with a girl and she leaned in for a kiss, he had to turn away.

“It was hard because some will take it the wrong way and think you’re not into them,” says Brennan, an exercise therapist who lives near Toronto, Canada.

Whether it’s online or in real life, Carroll – who is allergic to peanuts and shellfish – encourages clients to embrace their allergies as part of their identity, rather than viewing them as baggage.

“You want to show that you’re a whole person, and a food allergy is just a part of that.” Mary Fran Wiley, 32, is no stranger to online dating. ” But as soon as her date orders a beer, her thinking shifts to: “Shoot, you ordered a beer.

When the Illinois resident clicks with someone and they decide to go on a first date, her mind goes into overdrive thinking: “Gosh I hope he’s as nerdy as I am. We’re going to have to talk about my allergies today.” Wiley is severely allergic to wheat and shellfish, but prefers to avoid having food allergies “become the entire conversation on a first date.” Toward that end, she typically suggests the date activity or a restaurant, such as Chicago’s Little Goat Diner, that she knows is accommodating of her allergies.

She explains that what brings the site’s users together is a mutual understanding of necessities like label reading and restaurant precautions.It’s not even the seventh thing I bring up,” she says.“I want someone to get to know me for me.” Bantock had been diagnosed with severe allergies to peanuts and tree nuts when she was a toddler.He met his current girlfriend through friends and during their first date, he asked her to share a personal “fun fact,” knowing that she would then ask him the same question – and he had his food allergy answer ready.“I like to bring it up as a conversation piece early on rather than just mentioning it, because then you can educate without overwhelming the person,” he says.

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