Armory not updating 4 0 1

I'll be playing Wo W and look at my guild roster then see myself online twice, once in game and once via remote chat.

Even though I'll have the app completely turned off.

Post feedback about the app in our forums: Airtime or Wi-Fi connection is required for use. i can relist stuff, collect gold, etc - extremely convenient.

Please note that you must have a World of Warcraft account or Blizzard account to log in to and use this application. Except those times, and i'd say 40% of the time, when i either open the app or switch characters to take care of AH business and it tells me i can't because i'm also logged in to that character in game - which i'm not.

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- Added ability to rename Officers, once recruited - Changed fighter AI logic when selecting targets to bias towards other fighter squadrons, especially ones that are targeting them - Added a multiplayer slow down and no fly zone, called the Operational Zone, to reduce griefing Updated "Refinery" and "Dark Nebula" to include more environmental elements to support the Operational Zone boundaries - Cylon Fleets now have greater variation of fleets at every stage of the game, including smaller fleets during mid- & late-game so that inexperience commanders have a greater change of survival - Made the ship projections a shade of yellow color if they are moved during the current turn (when not selected) - Made squadrons slightly avoid other squadrons so they don't overlap, making it easier to see and select fighters during combat - Added ' TAB' key as a non-remappable standalone only button to select the next ship (in the battle scene) - Added a back button/prompt to the pre-practice panels in multiplayer after selecting the map and fleet points. Esc key will now also go back when in the pre practice panels.

it's daily.other than that, when it works, it's great this app hardly ever works the loading sign just spins and spins this app to me is outdated it would be nice if when you view your character if it could be seen in a full rotable 360 view.

another issue is when i go to look at weapons or raids on the brows items tab alot of the info is not there i go to click on a raid but nothing shows up, and also you should be able to favorite items and rainda to your favorite tab so you dont have so search for ever to find them. you can tell this app was put together quickly without very little thought.

thank you Had some major bumps along the way with this app, not gonna lie. I still have some issues I'd like to see addressed, however. It's extremely frustrating when I hit that limit and still have a ton of auctions to list/things to buy.

The Armory app makes using the AH much easier in my opinion and I like not being stuck at my desk trying to list things for sale.

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