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Seriously I don't understand what is going on at the Lord. While I was leaving with her I saw some asians walking to the rooms with other girls. These two categories are lower in raking than XL, yet they were so much more better looking. Isn't higher the category and price the girls looking should be prettier with better body.

Thats what would make sense, but I think this is non longer the case here. And now, when a buddy is visiting Bangkok (often with their SO), and asks me where he can find the hottest girls in Bangkok without being away too long from the SO, I mention The Lord but I have to preface it with the warning that things may look different than we think.

I guess it must have been a busy afternoon as only two ladies were available.

-Some say 7 pm is too early with not enough girls to choose from?Since 2002, Thai Luv Links has connected thousands of Thai singles with their matches from around the world, making us one of the most trusted Thai dating sites.With a remarkable member base of over 1.5 million (and growing).The only mistake I make is getting lazy and not walking out to check out other soapies. Browse / shop around a lot, make the most of your nut.Every time I've asked the girls about this they say that they decide it themselves, in consultation with the management.

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