Dating in the dark french version

The series marks the latest push into the naked unscripted space."Part of Sweden’s problem overseas is that everyone thinks we’re like Abba and Ikea,” says Stockholm-based stand-up comedian Magnus Betner.The bar is the place Bob and Charlotte meet for the first time. Once their dislike for parts of their lives are established, they begin sharing times that feel dead to be able to feel alive.

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When the talk occurs between two people who could plausibly have sex together, it gathers a special charge: you can only say "I feel like I've known you for years" to someone you have not known for years." In this marvellous story, the two lonely individuals that merge the illusions of what they have and what they could have are two Americans. We have Bob Harris (Bill Murray), and actor in his fifties who was once a star, and is now supplementing his incomes with the recording of a whisky commercial.

Sofia Coppola's second film as a director is in part about things we never talk about.

While its two protagonists try to find mutual solace in each other, their silence is as expressive as their words.

The bright colours, the noise of the city..everything evokes the various spiritual awakenings of the characters.

It ends on a perfect note leaving the relationship of the characters undecided.

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