Dating too much too fast

It is a sign that you may feel a need to “seal the deal” quickly and lock in a romantic partnership.

Clinginess and unwillingness to share a partner with friends or to allow them to have other same sex friendships are other signs.

For this reason, many 12-step programs recommend that members do not form romantic relationships with other members.

People in recovery need to focus on their own needs first, vs. Once they become emotionally strong and secure in their own worth, they are ready to start a romance with less risk for codependence being a part of the mix.

For someone in recovery, a new romantic relationship can seem like a gift from Heaven.

The struggle and pain of recovery can be forgotten for a time, replaced by the bloom of infatuation and the expectation of more good things to come.

If you are in recovery, how do you decide when it is prudent to get into, or escalate, a relationship, so that your recovery is not at risk for being compromised?

I was totally blindsided and heartbroken by her actions.

How can someone seem so into you in one instant and decide they don't want it in the next?

Especially for those in recovery, there are dangers in giving in to this kind of romantic urgency. One of the first clues that you (or your romantic partner) are rushing things is that you spend excessive amounts of time together too soon.

“We’ve only been dating for ten days,” Erica excitedly told me, as she described her relationship with her new boyfriend.

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