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Nor, for that matter, do incriminating Internet sex tapes, a recurring plot device in a movie shrewdly wired into the perils of our voyeuristic, tablet-addicted, social-media-obsessed age. One of the strengths of the original series was its sardonic but never cynical portrait of teenage rebellion and alienation, its playful yet potent awareness of high school as a living nightmare that even the best of us never fully shake off.

In the movie, the subtext has been made literal, hammered home at times with overly on-the-nose dialogue (“Don’t let this town take you down like it does everyone else”); meanwhile, local corruption has escalated to levels of oppression and seedy violence that seem less appropriate to a So Cal beach community than to the former German Democratic Republic, as evidenced by not one but two life-threatening assaults on major characters.

Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Krysten Ritter, Ryan Hansen, Francis Capra, Percy Daggs III, Gaby Hoffmann, Chris Lowell, Tina Majorino, Jerry O’Connell, Martin Starr, Jamie Lee Curtis, Enrico Colantoni, Ken Marino, Max Greenfield, Eddie Jemison.

First, the bad news: Veronica Mars, the whip-smart young sleuth played to wisecracking perfection by Kristen Bell, doesn’t get a case particularly worthy of her talents in this long-anticipated bigscreen reincarnation of the CW’s critically beloved, perpetually low-rated detective series.

Any time I get to play Dick Casablancas is always a pleasure. As far as everyone getting back together, that’s few and far between because everyone’s got their own thing going, but a lot of us hook up individually. fans were called Marshmallows, and now you’ve named your fans the Dickheads? Someone on Twitter came up with that and Rob was like, “Yes, we should be called Dickheads.” Once Rob gave the okay, I’m like, “Yep.

Did this come about as an excuse to get the band back together again? Jason and I will hang with our families every once in a while. That’s what was so special about the movie and doing press for that.

Ditto the identity of Carrie’s killer, which turns out to be linked to yet another suspicious death from their high-school days, and which is yanked to the surface with none of the satisfyingly layered development the show allowed for.

(VM creator Rob Thomas also appears as himself.) There’s plenty of “wannabe action,” profanity, and double-entrendre jokes about Dick (e.g., “Rob always had a soft spot for Dick”; “Give the people what they want — Dick! We spoke to Hansen about the show, revisiting one of TV’s bro-iest bros, Party Down, and being more than a “haircut” as an actor. They were like, “Oh, he can deliver a funny line” and they gave me another shot. ” The story about how Rob Thomas cast you because of your looks, specifically your hair, always reminds me of the scene in I was, for sure.

After you wrapped filming on the movie, did you think you’d ever play Dick again? There was always a glimmer of hope all of us had, like, “Maybe we can do another movie” or something, and the fact that I got to do a little Dick spinoff has been wonderful. Wasn’t the “all fours” joke your second line on the show? Offscreen, how often do you guys get together and hang out?

The good or at least so-so news: It likely won’t matter much to the show’s fans, 91,585 of whom contributed .7 million to a record-setting Kickstarter campaign that ultimately persuaded Warners to greenlight the project.

For these die-hard cultists, even the most generically conceived whodunit would be reason enough for a return trip to Neptune, Calif., that sun-drenched neo-noir hellhole where toxic celebrity worship, police corruption and the ever-present traumas of high school continue to hold sway, a full decade after Veronica left town and swore never to look back.

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