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Many of the men have not been charged, due to lack of evidence—evidence that an FBI investigation could reveal.

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Missing-woman cases are rarely taken seriously (my sister’s was ignored until it received media attention). Small-town police may be related to or friends with one or more of the parties involved, causing a conflict of interest similar to that found in some domestic abuse cases.A voluntary egg quality assurance program, managed by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, governs nearly 90 percent of the eggs produced in New York. If passed, it could lead to ordinary food laws being taken over by Big Pharma and vaccine manufacturers, and we would lose all choice about our food.This bill needs to be stopped right here, and deserves the full light of publicity.Policymakers of all parties and persuasions would have ample reason to support this legislation.Please contact me at the above number at your earliest convenience to discuss this proposal.

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