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The threats they pose can also affect children as they surf the web and use social networking sites, chat, instant messaging and email. Usually, the first place a user goes is the homepage of a search engine, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or others.

Unfortunately, the results of a child’s search can list things that are not at all what the young person may have had in mind, and there’s no telling how what s/he sees will affect his/her psyche or worldview.

Once potential victims have been lured to these fake websites (using subject lines like “check this out!Even general searches can throw up completely unexpected results.Here is a simple example: your child wants to find some new games and enters “game sites” into the search field.In addition to the obvious types of search mentioned above, children will also at some point search the Internet to find out more about what their peers are whispering about at school, such as the differences between girls and boys and the male and female bodies.There is nothing wrong, of course, with a desire to learn about human anatomy and physiology via, for instance, an encyclopedia — people are wired to want to learn things, after all.

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