Tyra banks dating younger man

Younger men are in no rush to settle down, unless they find ‘the one’.According to Lucia, men under 25 are more likely not to commit or be marriage-minded.

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While younger men offer an exhilarating ride, older women need to discover what they want and consider these 7 reasons they may or may not want to date a younger man.One recent study revealed that women are getting more attractive through evolution.Although, one study found smiling men as less sexually attractive, no one is scrutinizing the sex appeal of a younger man who regularly hits the gym to keep his body in top shape.Phil”, “The CBS Early Show”, “60 Minutes Australia”, “The Tyra Banks Show”, "E!Entertainment", "The KTLA Morning Show", "Fox 5 News", “Playboy Radio" and “Cosmo Radio”, in our exclusive interview Lucia discusses pros and cons of dating younger men.

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