Updating baseband

It's not a problem for me to completely wipe/erase the phone. I just installed the RUU, then reflashed TWRP, Super SU, Xposed and Viper Arise. BTW, I can use a from Metro for one of my lineage ports. Let me see what I can figure out about modem_st1 - modem_st2...

Instead, unzip with an app or on a computer, then in TWRP recovery use the option to flash the two image files.

I know there are a bunch of guides on how to do this but I keep seeing people struggle with it, so I hope this helps First of all thanks @xda @sammobile @samsung @odin Prerequisites: - Smartphone - Computer - USB cable - Patience (it's still a virtue ) - Reading ability (some people seem to lack it nowadays ) It probably won't happen, but just in case This is why most people don't manage to properly update their baseband/modem/bootloader: when updating don't boot into download mode through the reboot menu (this will lock your baseband and therefore it won't update).

You have to boot into download mode using the hard keys.

This used to be a thread on how to disable the air command pop up sound, but it wasn't really a success.

So I thought let's change it into a baseband/modem/bootloader upating guide.

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