Updating tables using forms dating gregor buchkremer 2016

When you are in the datasheet view, you just need to go to the end of the table and click in any of the fields to begin the record.Top of the Page There will be times that you need to find records based on specific values in a field.The pages normally consist of a search page, a results page, and an update page.The search and results page let users retrieve the record and the update page lets users modify the record.One of the quickest ways to do this is to use the Find feature that is built into Access.When you are in form view, the Find button will be on the Form toolbar as shown in Figure 3-06 in your book.When users want to update a record, they must first find that record in the database.

You then modify the links to pass the IDS of the records the user selects.The update page uses this ID to find the requested record in the database and display it.You use the same process to open the update page and pass a record ID that you do to open a detail page and pass a record ID.Make sure that your cursor is in the field that you want to search on and then click the Find button.The Find and Replace dialog box will appear as shown in Figure 3-07 in your book and you will be able to type in the value that you want to locate.

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